More than one number. (Agent)

It would be very interesting to be able to add more than one "Agent" to whats,

Including various contacts, such as Finance, Support, Sales and etc.

  • Guilherme Souza
  • Nov 5 2020
  • Future consideration
  • Guilherme Souza commented
    17 Jan 06:13pm

    Hello guys.

    This request is more than 3 years old.

    I believe this amazing plugin is abandoned.

    It’s very sad to see this, because it’s a fantastic system, very beautiful and functional, but simple features like this, take so long to implement.

    I’m sad for that =/

  • [email protected] commented
    22 May, 2022 01:56pm

    A WA business account would be required for this, and it would cost Elfsight considderably more to pay for that.

    Your costs would go up as well, it just depends if you're willing to pay.

  • [email protected] commented
    4 May, 2022 03:25pm

    The ability to be able to allow for a number of different tellers to pick up the user request, then cancelling out to the rest, is a useful tool to stem high stress periods where customers are left waiting.

  • Guest commented
    11 Feb, 2021 01:12pm

    +1, I've had a customer request for this, and then realised I can't carry it out as this isn't possible.

    Live chat with being able to select an agent like this would be very good: