ASAP !! VIMEO Private link & API links to the Vimeo Gallery

Hi team,
here Bastiaan from out of Finland again.
Yesterday I posted an support request regards a project I work on for client of mine.
1: I have read the help section now on your site understanding why the showcase videos were not visible.
2. I understand your workflow now , but the video's of my client are set to private because they are videos of their online training they are going to sell. So there is no possibilty to set the parameters to : Anyone.

As project manager I try to find ways how to still come to central point and fix the obstacle.

I want to use the Vimeo Gallery app on Elfsight for there video training wall.
In this situation I was thinking the following, so please thing with me on this. As is can be a benefit for you as company and a selling point to my new affiliate clients.

1: In vimeo you can set specific domains, the videos to show on. What if I can add the domain url of my account to this so then at least the two platforms can communicatie together.

2: what if we can make it possible to add the VIMEO API I have of my clients Vimeo account to the Elfsight platform.

I understand this takes up some developers work from your side but it will be an great unique selling point I then can also add in my sales to other VIMEO user clients.

The Youtube Gallery app works GREAT...I also tried that on with the Youtube channel of my client. The only thing is. In Youtube I think I will run into the same hassle when I put videos on private mode.

This being said, I would highly appreciate you to respond to this topic asap as I want to present my client on monday an new update. (Here in Finland its now Sunday 15:07) so have no clue where your customer team is. But anyway.

When we solve this....the use of Elfsight will be massive...(as this client already has 1000+ videos to be used and viewed. And when that works I can sell it to an other client too.
When that is working I can also increase my account value that will be no problem.

But now lets first work on this to get it to work.

Kind healthy regards,
Bastiaan Anthonie Baaij
[email protected]
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  • Dec 16 2020
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