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Taking Giorgio Armani's site as an example, the following URL page has many items, so the continuation is displayed by clicking the "Lead more" button.https://www.armani.com/en-us/giorgio-armani/woman/clothing/?department=US_GA_W_Clothing&departmentId=3074457345616680636&itemsToLoadOnNextPage=36&lazyLoadStart=4&linkdepartment=US_GA_W_Clothing&linkdepartmentId=3074457345616680636&page=2&partialLoadedItems=36&productsPerPage=36&rsiUsed=false&suggestion=false&totalItems=340&totalPages=10&ytosQuery=true

Similarly, it would be nice to have a "Lead more" button in the "Team Showcase" and "Testimonials Slider".
I want to shorten the scroll amount.

  • Guest
  • Jan 17 2022
  • Future consideration
  • Admin
    Helga R commented
    18 Jan, 2022 07:46am


    Thanks for adding your suggestion!

    It does sound like a reasonable idea and we'll try to consider it for future updates :)

    Thanks a lot for your help!

    Helga, Community Manager

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