Add Ranking information #1 of 1,174 hotels in London

This is for the Floating Badge and Fixed badge widgets.

It would be great to have an option in the settings to include the TripAdvisor ranking in the floating and fixed widget. Please ignore the formatting below, I have attempted to use the styles available in this WYSIWIG editor, but essentially you would check a box in badge settings "Include ranking information" and it would add a line between the Badge Header and ranking that report it's placement (that is the second line below).


#1 of 1,1174 hotels in london

5.00 * * * * *

read our 700 reviews

If you wanted to add some conditional rules you might add in

"do not show when ranking is lower than" [enter number] - although this is very much polishing something that probably doesn't need polishing!

At the moment I can hardcode the ranking info into the widget, but it only really needs to be styled like the text "read our xx reviews", as it is secondary message reinforcement AND it can get out of date if the ranking changes and the hardcoded value is not updated.

Apart from that this widget is basically perfect.

  • GSH
  • Aug 8 2021
  • Future consideration
  • Admin
    Helga R commented
    9 Aug, 2021 08:34am


    Thanks a lot for submitting your idea!

    I see that displaying additional info would be a benefitial feature along with the option to set conditionals. We'll try our best to consider this possibility for our future updates.

    Thank you!

    Helga, Community Manager

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