Movement of the slider stops and does not go back

Hi, a technical question. I set the widget with the slider format, and it scrolls very well from right to left showing the reviews ... the only thing is that if the reviews end the slider stops and does not go back then from left to right as usually one should do slider ... and remains still with the last review with a decentralized display ... I miss a setting (which I have not found) or is this function not provided?

  • Michele Betti
  • Feb 7 2020
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  • Sergio Longhi commented
    14 Feb 10:00

    Same problem here, this is horrible to look at. It should at least stop.

  • Andres Prieto commented
    27 Feb 17:24

    I was just going to suggest the same, to have the slider loop instead of stopping like it does now and found your post already created.