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Choose between open link in new or same tab Merged

If you use the slider on the homepage, you don't want the links to open in a new tab

  • Mikkel Kirkegaard
  • Nov 6 2019
  • Shipped
  • Guest commented
    11 Jun, 2020 03:20pm

    Very much needed. The slider make so sense on my website, if it opens a new Tab. Please make a checkbutton to choose.

  • Guest commented
    1 Jun, 2020 04:21pm


  • Duane Andrews commented
    16 Mar, 2020 02:23am

    It is frustrating not being able to have the button link open in the parent window of the iframe page, especially considering that te optional slide link DOES open links in the parent window in which the iframe is embedded. Please add this feature or offer a workaround solution.