More trigger options

 i need that the popup trigger show on very pages until you close it, but is only neccesary to close one time per session.

For example: i visit my home or any page from website at first time and the popup is displaying, is ok, if i click on another webpage, the popup wolud be display too because i’ve not close the popup before on the previous page.

On trigger show everytimes: The popup displays always on every page, closing the popup before or not.

On trigger show once: The popup display only at the first page, if you change webpage and not close the popup, the popup does not display

i need that the popup display when i navigate from my website and i not closing it

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  • Feb 14 2020
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  • Oct 16, 2020

    Admin response

    We have added an additional 'Show every time until I close it'Frequency! 🎉

    This is how you will find it:

    1. Go to your widget's Display tab

    2. Find Frequency tab

    3. Choose Show every time, until I close it option

    Check this and other features in our Popup online demo!

    You are welcome to share your thoughts regarding this feature in the comments section 😊