Add Podcast Summary text and Podcast Notes text

Hi guys - this info is often crucial as it helps listener decide whether to press play on the podcast or not. Especially as podcasts are usually long form audio, people do need extra info on the content of each episode. These could obviously be optionally displayed for each player. The content is standard on podcasts and is readily available in the podcast feed.
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  • May 18 2020
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  • Oct 21, 2020

    Admin response

    The feature has been released! 🎉

    This is where you will find the new options:

    1. Go to your widget's Player tab

    2. Find Player Info to Display section and tick Description to show info of the current track

    3. Click on Playlist section

    4. Find Track Info to Display and tick Description to show info for other tracks in the playlist

    Try these features out in our Podcast Player online demo!

    Feel free to share your thoughts regarding these features in the comments section 😊