Auction widget

It would be great to have a widget to run auctions for products

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  • May 17 2021
  • Future consideration
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  • Guest commented
    26 Oct 08:04am

    In the same boat as the other members. Whether I buy elfsight or not depends on how soon this launches.

  • Admin
    Helga Kirsanova commented
    7 Sep 02:55pm

    Hi Cory,

    Thanks a lot for your kind words!

    We'll try the best we can to release this widget as soon as possible :)

  • Cory L'Heureux commented
    31 Aug 10:24pm

    Thank you. I'm eagerly waiting. Ready to choose a long-term option but within a month or two. Hopefully your launching of the action widget will be just in time!

  • Admin
    Helga Kirsanova commented
    19 Aug 07:56am

    Hi Niu,

    I totally understand your frustration and we're truly sorry for having misled you.

    We've made the Coming Soon section to demonstrate the widgets which we're planning to release so that our users have an idea about the upcoming solutions.

    Since we realized that we're unable to set the release date, we didn't do so.

    We're really sorry that it's taking longer than we expected and that the widget you desired to try hasn't been ready yet.

    We do appreciate your trust in us, and we'll try our best to release new widgets faster.

    Thank you so much!

  • Niu Rong commented
    19 Aug 03:39am

    Then why advertise like its already there. True clickbait and focusing on getting customer acquisition very poor

  • Admin
    Helga Kirsanova commented
    18 Aug 10:35am


    We totally understand you and we wish we could speed up the process!

    Unfortunately, we're not able to set an ETA for this widget release as everything depends on the developers' overall load. We're doing our best to implement features and release the widgets you request as promptly as we can.

    Thank you so much for your understanding!

  • Niu Rong commented
    18 Aug 10:31am

    How is the progress of the widget? I really need it badly

  • Admin
    Helga Kirsanova commented
    15 Jun 06:54am

    Hello Dan,

    Thanks for your interest!

    Unfortunately, we don't have release dates for our upcoming widgets at the moment, I'm very sorry for the inconvenience.

    We do try to release them as soon as possible, however, everything depends on the dev team overall load. And we will be happy to notify you here as soon as we have this widget on the list.

    Thank you for your understanding and patience!

  • Dan Preece commented
    15 Jun 01:08am

    Is there a release date for the new Auction Widget?

  • Admin
    Helga Kirsanova commented
    17 May 08:07am


    Thanks a lot for adding your request!

    We also think Auction widget would be another good solution for your websites, so we do have it as our Coming Soon one. You are most welcome to take a peek at how it's going to look here -

    And if you have any ideas or suggestions to share, please don't hesitate to write them here in the comments - it will be a huge contribution to releasing a great product šŸ˜Š

    Thank you so much!