Click to tweet widget

I would love the ability to display a nice quote box, click to tweet button and the ability to perhaps define the image that should get posted along witht his, with the featured image of a blog post as the default.

  • Liz Mayers
  • Aug 1 2022
  • Future consideration
  • Admin
    Helga R commented
    17 Aug, 2022 01:06pm

    Hello folks, thanks a lot for your comments!

    I get the idea of a separate widget for Twitter, but maybe our Social Share Buttons widget could work for you?

    It has an option to share content to Twitter, please have a look:

    Helga, Community Manager

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  • Juergen Berkessel commented
    1 Aug, 2022 12:15pm

    I like this idea because some modern CMS platforms, such as, do not have a click to tweet or social share features built in, and ElfSight is the perfect way to extend their capability.