Review Timestamp is Incorrect and Looks UNAUTHENTIC

The widget dates all reviews on the same date of each month. That makes reviews look fake and defeats the whole purpose of displaying these reviews and using the widget.

i.e. All reviews in the month of March are dated March 6th and all reviews in the month of Feb are dated as Feb 6th.

Google does not provide exact review dates for reviews that are older than a few weeks old and only states, "one month ago", "two months ago", etc.

The widget interprets "one month ago" literally and dates all reviews that say "one month ago" as Today minus 30 days.

To resolve the issue the widget should follow the same format as google and display the time stamp as "X months old" instead of displaying the date in the Date and Month format, while the exact date is not available to the widget and is incorrectly implied.

The purpose of the widget is to build trust with visitors. Showing all reviews as left on the same date of each month does the opposite of building trust. This should be corrected on a priority basis.

Thank you.

  • Andrey O
  • Apr 7 2022
  • Shipped
  • Admin
    Helga R commented
    11 Apr, 2022 09:14am

    Hi Andrey,

    Thank you so much for your suggestion!

    I'm really sorry about this situation and I do understand your frustration. As you've already mentioned, our widget doesn't receive the proper date from Google, thus it sets the date of the reviews' latest collecting date.

    We'll try our best to consider your idea for our future updates.

    Meanwhile, you could try to hide the reviews' publication date:

    Thanks a lot for helping us!

    Helga, Community Manager

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  • Andrey O commented
    7 Apr, 2022 01:57pm