Option to use name instead of address in backend

The listing in the backend displays addresses by default. An option to display the name of the location instead would make editing locations much easier.

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  • Sep 9 2019
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  • Oct 5, 2022

    Admin response

    Hi friends,

    We're happy to announce that now locations are displayed by name! 🎉

    As usual, you're welcome to test the option out in our Google Maps online demo!

    And feel free to share your feedback, we'll be happy to hear from you 🙂

  • Admin
    Helga R commented
    22 Mar, 2022 09:36am

    Hello, folks, and thank you for all your comments!

    I'm terribly sorry that this feature hasn't been released yet, and I totally understand your feelings.

    This app is one of our first ones, thus some options might be really outdated by this time. We agree that the Google Maps needs to be updated, and our dev team are working on this already, preparing a major update. I've asked them to pay a special attention to this feature, and they will try their best to include this request as well.

    Thanks a lot for your feedback, guys, it does help us to improve our service and apps.

    Thank you so much for your understanding! 🙏🏻

    Helga, Community Manager

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  • Martin Fisher commented
    22 Mar, 2022 09:11am

    Poor editing experience. How do you identify an item once its added? Googling the grid reference doesnt always work. How dificult can it be to simply show the location field? you already collect that data it just needs to show instead of useless grid reference.

    Whoever programmed this has clearly never used and managed it as an end user

  • Martin Fisher commented
    21 Mar, 2022 12:14pm

    With over 300 locations its IMPOSSIBLE to identify one to edit it when the only refernce is a grid reference not the actual name of the store. This renders the function useless for anything over 10 store locations.

    We're having to look for an alterative product becuase of this. Anyone had good results with anything else?

  • Guest commented
    17 Mar, 2021 01:31pm

    Yes please! it Would be nice. It is a mess when you have a lot of location.

  • Guest commented
    21 Apr, 2020 02:44pm

    Yes please! I am trying to add over 200 locations to a map and then order them alphabetically by store name. Seeing only the address in the back-end panel makes this very difficult. In addition to listing the NAME instead of the address, the ability to auto-sort the list alphabetically would be very nice