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I think it would be useful to have the possibility to upload several locations to the map-app.

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  • Sep 4 2019
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  • Guest commented
    28 Sep 10:28am

    Please forget trying to develop UI yourself as this is taking too long. Allow the upload of a CSV file and use the data from that. Specify the format for the geolocation field, and the rest is just display detail. Can add metadata (eg marker type) if required.

  • Rajender Garg commented
    2 Sep 11:35am

    it is very helpful if you give provision to upload addresses in Google Maps through google sheet and also allow to maintain sub catagory.

  • Douglas Nelson commented
    18 Aug 09:48pm

    Bump. Any progress here?

  • Mike Bringas commented
    29 Jun 09:39pm

    CSV or TXT is fine. Don't waste time trying to build out your own data management controls and UI. Excel already has all the tools

  • Douglas Nelson commented
    29 Jun 06:30pm

    Helga, et. al.

    Please, just a CSV upload of the relevant data. It's just a database on the back end, isn't it? In fact, instead of just upload, it would be nice to sync with a CSV. That way, stores that no longer are relevant drop off without having to manually delete them.

  • Salina Hainzl commented
    29 Jun 10:04am

    Hello Helga and team

    To your question - Do you need to edit a widget via the file itself (meaning that you'll have to upload all the changes via this file), or you'd like to do it in the widget's editor itself?

    We like to use your widgets more extensively but without an import function, the manual entry is not a solution to situations like,

    1. Store locations ��� we have over 200 stores. Cannot manually import them and update them one by one using your widget
    2. Pdf embed ��� we are using your widget for pdf embed that include 1-3 files. Uploading each pdf bit by bit, typing in headings manually are painful
    3. Image gallery ��� again, cannot import one image at all, add title etc. Too slow. We may have 10 or 20 photos per gallery. Adding link manually is painful

    A shopify integration to pull product page links will be such a marvellous improvement ����

  • Admin
    Helga Kirsanova commented
    29 Jun 09:28am

    Dear folks,

    Thank you ever so much for all your comments and ideas provided!

    We're terribly sorry for such a long silence regarding this feature update. Unfortunately, this feature appeared to be not that easy as we expected, and we see that it requires a widget's major re-configuration.

    Since we understand clearly that this option is crucial, we see that we have to speed up the process.

    This way, we have a big question for you guys:

    Do you need to edit a widget via the file itself (meaning that you'll have to upload all the changes via this file), or you'd like to do it in the widget's editor itself?

    Thank you so much for your comments in advance!

  • Zane Badenhorst commented
    1 May 10:43am

    This would be super beneficial, please can you look into this. TIA

  • Guest commented
    22 Mar 12:02pm

    Has anyone seen any forward motion on this? Same for us that it's a killer as well. Excited for this widget.

  • Mike Bringas commented
    1 Mar 07:03pm

    I also have over 1,000 locations that would be very helpful to upload and keep updated. Simple, NAME, Street, City, State, ZIP, Country, CSV file

  • Declan Vozza commented
    17 Feb 09:57pm

    any further updates on this? it's a killer

  • Guest commented
    29 Dec, 2020 08:19pm

    Is it possible to have an update about the release of this fonctionnality ?

    What means planned ?

  • Marek Kanas commented
    28 Dec, 2020 01:18pm

    Please not do only CSV, but also excels - xls, xlsx. Working with it in Excel is easy, everyone would be grateful. This saves the locations as well as the settings plugin in case you move to another website or a new website.

  • Douglas Nelson commented
    12 Oct, 2020 07:35pm

    I have database development experience. I can help your tech team build a routine that allows for bulk data uploads. Please reach out if I can be of service.

  • Rizwan Nawaz commented
    20 Aug, 2020 01:03pm

    Definately would love to just have a CSV file upload. This would be super easy. Just have a demo sheet we can download with all the same fields that are in your interface.

  • Guest commented
    30 Jun, 2020 02:03pm

    Hi, I saw the request feature has changed as "planned", do you have any idea of when it might be available?

  • Guest commented
    21 Apr, 2020 01:29pm

    Any movement on this? It's a killer when you have over 1000 locations for a public service map you want to create...

  • Guest commented
    20 Apr, 2020 10:13am

    Vladimir please have a look at google's MyMaps and Google Earth, they allow you to upload a csv/excel/klm file in bulk and then it plots the data on the map with an icon and if you click on the icon it opens all the relevant metadata (attributes like address, coordinates, name ,telephone number attached to it. Please include this feature, love the widget but need this)

  • John Heesterbeek commented
    4 Jan, 2020 06:41pm

    Agree with Patrick, it would be great if there is a possibility to connect a spreadsheet or database from Google Drive to do maintance from.

    If this isn't possible a template with all possible settings would do, with possibility to load as csv. 

  • Patrick Danielsson commented
    10 Dec, 2019 11:51pm

    It would be great if you could use Google Spreadsheet to keep the list updated, else a simple Excel file works.

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