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I would love to be able to offer Elfsight to multiple website customers but login to 1 account. Please offer an agency plan/account -- bonus for Whitelabeling!

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  • Apr 16 2020
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  • Inicia Webs commented
    17 Aug 22:42

    Full Whitelabel solution

    Custom logos control panel for manage clients and subresellers, custom pricelist to retail clients and subresellers, whitelabeling javascript apps link on websites, custom elfsight app to create a form with this pricing and autocreate account into portal.

    Really I don't discuss pricing, I request a tool to manage a high volume of clients and subresellers to sell at custom prices, isn't hard get premium plan with this tools available.

    This would be a dream for msp and resellers, for me :)

    But a custom domain with custom logo and whitelabel linked js link could be great for start working, maybe without access from my client's first, only whitelabeled service is ok for me :) I can wait for custom control panel more later

  • Dan Williams commented
    10 Aug 09:42

    I second this feature. There doesn't need to be discounts per license, I just need a central place to manage my licenses for clients.

  • Peter Callender commented
    22 Jul 19:48

    Yes to this please it's really needed if you have a few clients and enabling sorting of widget titles in to alphabetical order or tagging the so we know which clients they belong to. ie clientname-widget sort by client or by widget type or date created.

  • JACK SMITH commented
    13 Jul 22:56

    Don't do this it will hurt the business model you have to say no to this!

  • Nicolas Moisset commented
    26 Jun 10:28

    yes you can

  • Todd commented
    21 Jun 23:28

    do ot

  • Mohamed Ali commented
    21 Jun 22:18

    THis is very important. For those who invested in 8 codes and more, it will be really good if each client were able to access their own dashboard and manage their widgets. I need this for the forms specially

  • Bruce Kraft commented
    21 Jun 19:48

    this is a must

  • Nataliya B commented
    21 Jun 17:29

    Yes, please add sub-account access, so I can grant clients access to their widget.

  • Joe Tiew commented
    12 Jun 12:42

    It's great idea. On top of that, I think it's awesome to show stats based on widget too (currently only show based on website). As example: there are 2 widgets (both are Facebook Feeds) on the same website, we can see which widgets attract more views. Thanks!

  • Adam commented
    22 May 18:37

    Especially organizing client apps with folders so that clients only have access to their apps/folder.

  • Beck Admin commented
    03 May 07:54


  • Nourdh commented
    16 Apr 21:04

    This is Great Feature