Install a widget to an email

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  • Jun 1 2022
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  • Drew Perdichizzi commented
    12 Aug, 2022 09:29pm

    I just figured out how the MotionMail app works.

    Once the user has created the timer in the app, they are given a link that refers to the timer itself as an image file.

    Then when you want to put that into an email, you use the "add image" function of the email provider and choose "add image from URL".

    The timer is hosted on the MotionMail servers and is just referenced by the email when sent out.

    Ingenious in its simplicity. Take a look below:

    Here is a screen capture of how I did this:

    Here is the bare URL that I associated with the image file:

    If you click the link itself, you will just see the countdown timer as a standalone on the webpage.

  • Drew Perdichizzi commented
    12 Aug, 2022 08:57pm

    There is some way to do this, although I don't have the answer myself. This is a SaaS I've used in the past that allows for this:

    If you can figure out how they do it, then should be easy to duplicate!

  • Angelo Di-Benedetto commented
    4 Jul, 2022 06:15pm

    Great idea!

  • [email protected] commented
    4 Jul, 2022 10:42am

    Maybe if you generate a GIF version of the widget it could work with email providers (Klaviyo, Mailchimp, etc.)