Embed a calendar with a certain filter selected by default

We would like to use a master calendar for our organization, but would like to embed it in multiple places with different filters selected by default. For example, on our homepage, we'd like the full calendar to display, so no filters pre-selected. On our parks & rec webpage, we'd like our "parks & rec" category to be pre-selected, so that visitors can instantly see the most relevant calendar entries by default, but still view the entire calendar there if they'd like to.

For instance, the organization's full calendar with a monthly view would be displayed in one part of a company's website, and then a widget in list view just showing the next six events (or filtering just online events, or just events for kids... etc) could be shown prominently the front page, drawing from the same master calendar, rather than having to maintain and update multiple calendars containing the same info.

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  • Dec 4 2020
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  • Mar 22, 2024

    Admin response

    Friends, you now can set custom filters in your Event Calendar widgets! 🎉

    Since this Wishlist portal moved to our community forum, you will find all the details in this post.

    See you there and looking forward to your feedback!

  • Admin
    Helga R commented
    15 Nov, 2022 08:43am

    Hi Jess,

    Thanks a lot for your interest in this feature, I totally agree that this feature would be a great addition to the app!

    Unfortunately, this very idea is not included in the current quarter, but we do hope to consider its development for Q1 :)

    By the way, our Wishlist Portal has moved to our Forum, so feel free to vote for this feature and get the updates here: https://community.elfsight.com/t/embed-a-calendar-with-a-certain-filter-selected-by-default/6110

    Thank you!

  • Jess commented
    12 Nov, 2022 07:28pm

    Hello, I see this request is a couple of years old now. I am about to launch a website with the event calendar embedded, and this feature would really enhance the user experience and also the things I am able to offer the various organisations whose listings are featured in the main calendar. Is there an update for when this might be available? Thanks :)

  • [email protected] commented
    5 Aug, 2022 06:56pm

    Yes, this would be a game changer in allowing us to use the calendar on more complex sites. For now, it really only suits small sites with a handful of events.

  • Riz Wahid commented
    29 Apr, 2022 05:42am

    I need this for the same reason as above, to have pre-filtered on other pages, and have a master on the home page