More flexible event repeat options

The current repeat options (daily, weekly, every weekday) are a good start, but my organization has many events that repeat on a certain time of the month - every third wednesday, every 2nd and 4th thursday, etc. Being able to set a repeat that accomplishes that would save me a ton of effort in entering multiple identical events. Even just allowing a monthly repeat on a day would be a huge addition for my organization.

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  • Dec 4 2020
  • Future consideration
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  • Ryan Panaro commented
    23 Sep 05:04pm

    Yes, please please add recurring until dates and exceptions!


  • Guest commented
    3 Sep 04:11pm

    We run weekly "office hours" (aka webinars) and need the repeat functionality before we can purchase.

  • Admin
    Helga Kirsanova commented
    19 Aug 12:36pm

    Hi Jenna,

    Thanks a lot for supporting this idea, we'll try to consider this option and add it to the widget.

    Thank you for your help!

  • Guest commented
    19 Aug 10:41am

    It will also be nice to set exceptions for weekly recurring events. For example, no lessons during school holidays, etc.

  • Admin
    Helga Kirsanova commented
    28 Jun 07:17am

    Hi Ben,

    A huge thank you for sharing the link! I'm sure we'll find it really helpful 🙏🏻

  • Ben Boutwell commented
    25 Jun 02:07pm

    @Helga - here's a solution to get some ideas off of what Elfsight's calendar could look like:

  • Admin
    Helga Kirsanova commented
    25 Jun 06:46am

    Hello folks,

    Thanks a lot for sharing your ideas!

    We do appreciate your involvement and for your help, we'll definitely take into consideration all your suggestions.

    Thank you!

  • Emma Burns commented
    24 Jun 03:12pm

    I'll also add the need to end recurring events! We have a weekly event that will only run for a couple months.

  • Diana Kilby commented
    24 Jun 03:05pm

    Also, in the repeat function, add 'exclude' dates, as for instance we have weekly events, but not during school holidays/half terms. This would be really appreciated.

  • Ben Boutwell commented
    10 Jun 07:08pm

    Please add this. As others have stated, being able to repeat at various intervals is important to event planning. Pretty much looking for all repeating options available in Google calendar.

  • amber marro commented
    28 May 02:02pm

    this feature is a possible game changer in choosing which calendar we will use for our events please add

  • Admin
    Helga Kirsanova commented
    26 May 09:17am

    Hello there,

    Thank you very much for your additional comments!

    We do appreciate your every idea and we try hard to include them in the updates. We also hope to see new features in the widget soon as we totally understand how they could increase the widget's value.

    Thanks a lot for your understanding and support!

  • Guest commented
    25 May 03:28pm

    Cosigning the feature request to add a "repeat until" option for repeat events.

  • Guest commented
    13 May 01:16pm

    Hi Helga! Great news that you guys are adding this feature, it'll make entering calendar entries so much easier for us. I'm glad to see this great widget get even better.

    If you guys could offer similiar functionality to the Microsoft Outlook "Appointment Recurrence" field, that should cover just about any recurrence I can think of.

  • Admin
    Helga Kirsanova commented
    13 May 09:01am

    Hi folks,

    Thanks a lot for adding the request and for your comments!

    We truly appreciate your sharing your thoughts and ideas here - it is a huge help for our dev team in releasing the most suitable feature.

    We try our best to include the most popular requests to the widgets' updates and we do believe this feature will be added to one of the nearest ones.

    And if any other thoughts regarding this option come up, please don't hesitate to write them here, we will be happy to discuss them all.

    Thank you!

  • Michael Kenney commented
    12 May 07:04pm

    Or simply, a "repeat unitl" or "repeat through" date option. Almost the same, but not quite. Would be a huge time saver.

  • Guest commented
    7 Dec, 2020 11:39am

    Yes, I totally agree. I would love to see a 2 week and 4 week repeat option. This would save a lot of extra work.