More flexible event repeat options

The current repeat options (daily, weekly, every weekday) are a good start, but my organization has many events that repeat on a certain time of the month - every third wednesday, every 2nd and 4th thursday, etc. Being able to set a repeat that accomplishes that would save me a ton of effort in entering multiple identical events. Even just allowing a monthly repeat on a day would be a huge addition for my organization.

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  • Dec 4 2020
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  • May 5, 2023

    Admin response

    Hello friends,

    More flexible event repeat options are already in your widgets! 🎉

    Since this Wishlist portal has moved to our community forum, find more details and leave your feedback here.


  • Admin
    Helga R commented
    17 Mar, 2023 12:39pm

    @Victory, @Matthew, I'm very sorry for the late reply 🙏🏻

    You know, our Wishlist portal has moved to the community forum, and we post all the updates there now.

    I totally understand you guys, and I cannot apologize enough for being so slow in releasing such a crucial feature.

    The good news is that we've been really busy with this very request, and we expect to release it within a couple of weeks! You're most welcome to vote for this feature and receive all the updates here:

    Please let me bring our sincere apologies for all the trouble and false hopes with this request. We really are doing our best but sometimes not everything goes exactly as we plan.

    Thank you very much for all your comments!

  • Matthew Leavitt commented
    7 Mar, 2023 08:27pm

    I just upgrade today, and unfortunately this is a make or break feature. We have events that extend to the end of the year and our contituents will not know that. Unless I duplicate the event and have it repeat after each month, which is just more work for me.

    Saying this has to do with resources doesn't prevent us from just creating 50+ instances of the same event, but then it creates a very messy interface to deal with on the events panel.

    If there is not a timeline on this, I may be looking to cancel our subscription.

  • Victory Ford commented
    3 Mar, 2023 12:48pm

    Wow I was just about to upgrade and cancel my other calendar. Glad I didn't. How stupid is this not to have a monthly recurring feature! How do you have one of the best products on the market and then fail at this need and dont fix it. Im looking at this thread and it looks like this has been years. You saying you dont have the resources people clearly including me are willing to pay for something that works! Rant over

  • Admin
    Helga R commented
    6 Sep, 2022 09:18am

    Dear folks,

    I absolutely feel you, and I cannot apologize enough for this situation. We do see that this feature is desired and wanted by a lot of people, and it makes us feel terrible that we haven't found any solution yet.

    I've got an update from our developers that they are to start updating the Event Calendar app in September. I also need to say that this app needs a major update, and it's difficult to say how much time this feature development would take. We'll do everything in our power to release it as soon as we can.

    Once again, we're truly sorry for this horrible delay 🙏🏻

    Helga, Community Manager

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  • [email protected] commented
    4 Sep, 2022 10:41pm

    So why Elfsight has this request stalled? It must be one of the most requested feature requests here and for a calendar widget not to have multiple repeating options is bizarre! Can you give the community and update please. "Future Consideration" isn't very helpful! Thank you

  • [email protected] commented
    20 Aug, 2022 12:28am

    I see that "Helga, Community Manager" made her first response almost a year ago. NO ACTION YET????

  • [email protected] commented
    20 Aug, 2022 12:26am

    As a new customer, this is the most amazing stupid thing I've ever heard of. I wish I would have KNOWN of this defect before I bought a year subscription!! Why even PUT the "repeat" option as a field to select? Totally bogus

  • [email protected] commented
    15 Aug, 2022 01:27pm

    For perspective, this limitation makes it appear that we have none of the recurring events past 30 days and makes it impossible for our clients to plan their schedule past 30 days.

  • [email protected] commented
    15 Aug, 2022 01:17pm

    I agree with the others. With a paid calendar widget that only allows recurring events for 30 days is absurd. The reason told to me was to limit the data so as not to overload the widget. Not a valid reason given many are paying for this widget and allowing recurring events AT LEAST through the calendar year couldn't possibly overload the widget. I'll be looking elsewhere.

  • Stephanie Pipe commented
    2 Aug, 2022 02:14pm

    Would vote for a change with the calendar...sooner than later :) With it the way it is now, it looks like we only have a month of events, and some in Dec. It would be more helpful to set an event and know it will show sooner than a month before, and that yearly events can be set once and show up each year. Thanks.

  • Abi Townsend commented
    15 Jul, 2022 08:26pm

    Hi there! I have an Event Calendar on my website. I have been/will be using it for a lot of events that occur every year on the same day. It would save me so much time and energy to be able to set it up to automatically recur, rather than having to manually enter every event, every year. Please help!

  • [email protected] commented
    15 Jul, 2022 04:53pm

    Has this issue been prioritized? We need to be able to have a weekly occurring event for one year on Fridays and I can't believe it's not possible ... please post an update for when this will be added

  • Admin
    Helga R commented
    28 Jun, 2022 03:05pm

    Dear Diana,

    I totally understand your point and frustration, and you're absolutely right saying that we must be frustrated, too. We so are!

    Unfortunately, we've encountered the issue of the lack of resources to carry out all the wanted features. We're deeply sorry if we made you feel as if everything you post here falls on deaf ears, it's definitely not the case.

    We understand how disappointing it is to wait for so long, and we're truly sorry about it.

    I assure you that we're making every endeavour to improve the situation and bring more useful updates 🙏🏻

  • Diana Kilby commented
    27 Jun, 2022 09:14am

    Hi Helga,

    It really is a great shame that Elfsight do not put their minds to improving a very basic tool, and that all our suggestions are met with the 'sorry, we will work on it one day' vagueness, and nothing actually gets done.
    What a pity - I guess it is not financially important to the company.
    It must be frustrating for you, as well as us.

    Best wishes,

    Diana Kilby

  • Admin
    Helga R commented
    27 Jun, 2022 08:49am

    Hi Bryan!

    I totally get you, and I'm so very sorry that our replies are that vague :(

    You see, we have to admit that at the moment our desires and plans are bigger than our capabilities, thus sometimes we simply fail to meet the deadline.

    In order not to give false hopes, I'd love to say that we have plans to knuckle down to significantly improving our Event Calendar widget, cuz we see a great potential in it.

    Much as I'd love to set an ETA for this, I'm afraid all I can say is that we're going to stretch ourselves to make it as soon as possible.

    I'm really sorry for yet another dim update 😔

  • Bryan Wieczorek commented
    22 Jun, 2022 02:13pm

    Would it be possible to get an ETA or an update on some of these updates for the Event Calendar? Some of these requests have been under consideration for over a year and a half.

  • Admin
    Helga R commented
    13 Jan, 2022 07:34am

    Thanks for your kind reply and your valuable comment, Ben!

    I'll make sure to pass it along to our dev team and really think it will be helpful.

    Thank you once again :)

  • Ben Boutwell commented
    12 Jan, 2022 04:16pm

    Thanks for the update and heads up, Helga! Hey, just as a reminder and something to help inspire the devs - there are two competitors out there which primary business is this calendar thing. and The Events Calendar (Wordpress only).

    I think they'd be able to find some great ideas to get from them.

  • Admin
    Helga R commented
    12 Jan, 2022 02:21pm

    Dear guys,

    Thank you all for your involvement and for your comments!

    We see how needed and wanted this and other features for Event Calendar are, and we do thank you for your interest 🙏🏻

    We on our end also see a huge potential in this widget and we definitely plan to pay special attention to it.

    Much as we'd love to set the wheels in motion right away, unfortunately, we have to admit that at the moment we don't have enough resources and opportunities to dedicate the needed amount of time to this task.

    But worry not, we're in the process of allocating duties for this task and we do believe we'll be able to have first results in the second quarter.

    Thank you so much for your understanding and for sticking with us!

    Helga, Community Manager

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  • Guest commented
    6 Jan, 2022 04:34pm

    Any date set on when this feature might be available? We'll need to find another solution if it's not going to happen soon. Love the calendar... but this is a showstopper for us. We publish dozens of new events each week and can't continue to try to find hacks around this. Thank you!

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