Add Share Buttons for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Email to each event

The "Share" buttons would allow users for better word of mouth experience if they want to invite their friends and coworkers. This will support the marketing efford of event organisers in a simialr way as you can see on Eventbrite - under event tags section.

  • Guest
  • Jul 29 2020
  • Future consideration
  • Marcio Silva commented
    30 Jun, 2021 01:37am

    Thanks, Helga! We look forward to :-)

  • Admin
    Helga Kirsanova commented
    29 Jun, 2021 08:54am

    Hello folks,

    Thanks a lot for your comments!

    I do see your point and I agree that share buttons would be a great addition to the widget. We will be happy to consider this option for our future updates.

    Thanks for your help!

  • John Henderson commented
    29 Jun, 2021 01:37am

    Yes please add this feature as it would make sharing events so much easier.

  • Ian Maher commented
    2 Dec, 2020 02:28pm

    Yes...I was really surprised that this wasn't added already. Seems like everyone has the social media links already embedded for sharing. Please make this easier