These are surely essentials not ideas: add events in date order automatically

It is insane that adding events is not in date order. ie if I add an event I can only do it to the bottom of the list and it does not automatically add this to the list in date order. As there is no date on the event list this means I have to scroll blindly through list and click on an approximate of I wish to edit that event. This applies especially to repeat events.

Why does your repeat button not add the events as repeated events ie if it repeats each Tuesday why does it not add it every Tuesday??

If a person clicks on the event on the site nothing comes up. How are people to see the info ie who to contact to join etc?!

Why can I not access the event list from the actual event on the calendar?

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  • Feb 4 2022
  • Future consideration
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    Helga R commented
    11 Feb, 2022 08:22am


    Thanks a lot for sharing your ideas and feedback here!

    I'm truly sorry that some essential features are not supported at the moment, but we do understand how needed they are and we do have plans to pay special attention to Event Calendar widget improvement.

    Since you've added several ideas in one request, I'm going to break them down so that there is one idea in one request.

    I'd love to say that we already have a feature request regarding the repeat option, please feel free to vote for it to subscribe to the updates -

    As for the issue with the popup, I'm truly sorry to hear that. Our support specialist has already found your support ticket and he will get back to you as soon as he has any updates.

    Regarding your last question, we'd be really grateful if you could provide some more details about this issue so that we understand the case better. Please feel welcome to provide them in your support ticket as well.

    We'll try our best to make your calendar widget work just fine for you 🙏🏻

    Thanks a lot for sharing your feedback and for your help!

    Helga, Community Manager

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