Removing past events altogether from widget

When an event has passed, can the event actually be removed from the widget? I know once the month has gone, these events don't show on the website but are still stored in the widget.
I have quite a few from Feb-March that I have manually deleted but if the widget deleted them automatically it would make it a lot easier :)
  • Guest
  • Mar 24 2020
  • Future consideration
  • Delbra Brown commented
    10 Jul, 2022 04:40pm
    For reoccurring events, if the event start date is before the current date and It's a reoccurring event, hide it from from view until the event end date is after the current date. Then it can be deleted or hidden. A user shouldn't have to intervene by modifying their dates to keep them from showing.
  • Joe Matkin commented
    21 Apr, 2022 09:46am

    This would need to be optional by item not automatic. A lot of my events happen annually and when they have passed I simply change the date to the following year.