Timezone Responsive Countdown Timer - Specific End Date

Timezone Responsive Countdown Timer - Specific End Date

I work with global customers, however, whenever I have a specific offer on with an end date and time, I can only have it set for a specific timezone. This doesn't make sense if it's set for the UK and someone in the USA is looking at it and makes me look stupid and I lose out on trust and sales!


If customers could see this ending in their own timezone it would make more sense, create scarcity and time-sensitive offers relative to their time-zone.

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  • Nov 8 2019
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  • Oct 2, 2020

    Admin response

    An option to set the timezone has been implemented!🎉 This is how you will find it:

    1. Go to your widget's Timer tab

    2. Choose Time Zone section

    3. Set time zone

    Сheck this and other features of this app in our Countdown Timer online Demo!

    If you have a moment to share your feedback with us, feel free to write your thought in comments below! 😊

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  • Charlie commented
    8 Jun 07:24pm

    time zones should apply to ALL WIDGETS because the time zone for the “call us” widget is set to the browser, who’s browser, well support didn’t answer that question. So when I set my call widget to only show for my time zone I have to actually set it to... well we actually don’t know what time zone!?

  • Erik Soukip commented
    8 May 10:45am

    would be helpful

  • Murphy Lister commented
    6 May 08:54am

    Excited for this!

  • Jim Suarez commented
    6 May 08:53am

    Nice tool

  • Raheem Stevenson commented
    6 May 08:52am

    This would be cool!!!

  • Tre Parker commented
    6 May 08:50am

    Great one!!

  • Beauden Wills commented
    6 May 08:49am

    Would be very happy for this to be available

  • Aariz Haas commented
    6 May 08:46am

    Looking forward on this. Amazing!

  • Josiah Frazier commented
    6 May 08:45am

    It's a cool idea!!

  • Kim Pitt commented
    6 May 07:15am


  • Julie Reyes commented
    6 May 07:13am

    This would be nice!!

  • Johannes Kanter commented
    5 May 11:37am

    Great idea! Would love to see this!

  • Philip Windsor commented
    5 May 10:53am

    Great ideas

  • Scott Turner commented
    5 May 10:51am

    This makes so much sense. Great Idea.

  • Hunsa Patel commented
    5 May 10:50am

    This would be so awesome!

  • Jay Patel commented
    5 May 10:46am

    Could be a good tool

  • Joe Doe commented
    5 May 10:04am

    It would be awesome to see this.

  • James Dean commented
    5 May 09:51am

    It would be great if instead of end-data, we could select a specific time to end everyday, week or month so we don't need to keep changing the end date. Also, this has to be time-zone responsive!

  • Guest commented
    5 May 09:47am

    I can't believe this is still not available anywhere!

    This would solve so many problems and can be used in email and on websites so there is consistency too!

    Upvote this everyone, it's on the top-left!

  • Adrian P. commented
    27 Dec, 2019 02:07am

    It's a great idea

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