Start-to-finish Timer Auto-retrigger

This would allow a timer to automatically restart on a regular basis (daily, weekly, monthly) so that you can run regular promotions without needing to change the start and end date.

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  • Oct 30 2019
  • Future consideration
  • Admin
    Helga R commented
    30 Nov, 2021 12:57pm

    Hello folks!

    Thanks a lot for your comments and for your suggestions 🙏🏻

    I'm truly sorry that we still don't support Evergreen timer, and I totally agree that it would be a great addition to the widget.

    Our devs will try their best to find a solution to make it happen and we do believe they will be a success.

    Thank you so much for sticking with us!

    Helga, Community Manager

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  • Guest commented
    29 Nov, 2021 05:13am

    Please add this as a feature so that you'll be able to compete with services like Deadline Funnel!

  • Angela Vink commented
    11 May, 2021 09:05pm

    Hi - what does it mean that this is now a ‘future consideration’?.. What are the levels above it that I need to wait for before this feature is a reality?


  • Angela Vink commented
    19 Oct, 2020 05:42pm

    I need to set this days countdown timer to RECUR on the 11th day of every month (it's the regular monthly deadline for an online grants application website).. please implement a recurring feature for this widget! Specifically I need this rule -

    • Recur Monthly – every month on a given date at a given time

  • Isaac L commented
    15 Oct, 2020 09:09pm


  • Dario Ames commented
    29 Sep, 2020 01:53pm
    I bought this plugin because its awesome! But It would be great if you could add more type of Timers.. and let me tell you.. the smallest things can be the most important and that sometimes people need, in my case, I would have liked to have at my disposal a "simple remaining time counter", which allows me to be able to set a certain time X so that it is restarted as many times as I want regardless of the visitors. Which would allow me to perform various personalized time counts simultaneously without depending on the end customer, in the same way having the possibility of repeating them automatically without having to manually restart them.
  • Guest commented
    26 May, 2020 09:49am
    I need to set the countdown to finish at the specific time of 10:30AM on SUNDAY, resetting to repeat every week.
  • Guest commented
    5 May, 2020 09:50am

    Oh definitely!!! Then I could put this in emails and my website.