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When you rent multiple properties, current widget allows you to only extract reviews from one particular property. So you have to choose one of the many (if you have multiples). AirBnB already showcases a master profile of a person that has multiple properties and aggregates reviews from all associated properties underneath that profile. Currently, using link from one's profile does come up as non functional with this widgets. Seems like a small tweak to get extra functionality out of this product.

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  • Sep 23 2019
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  • Dan Ruttle commented
    5 May 03:55pm

    Yes - this is exactly what I'm looking for

  • Da Noube commented
    5 Feb 11:16am

    Hello Jerome,


    I think it idea was to use the strength of the main profile where all reviews from all properties would aggregate within that widget. Currently, you can do that only one at the time. Perhaps, you could find a way how to tab it down to property but having them all under one master profile where multiple properties are listed under one AirBnB profile - that would be fantastic.



  • Jerome Zeperfectplace commented
    5 Feb 08:11am

    Hello Vladimir,

    I would love to have a widget on my main page from all properties to be display.

    The individual one is already used


  • Admin
    Vladimir Fedotov commented
    5 Feb 08:03am

    Hello Jerome,

    Could you please elaborate on your use case for us? Do you want the reviews from all properties to be displayed in one batch, or do you need to break them down into individual tabs per property?

    Looking forward to your reply.

  • Jerome Zeperfectplace commented
    3 Feb 09:10am

    Great Idea !

    For multi property manager, like me, i need to have a airbnb or all in one widget, to be shown in the main front page

    Maybe could you allow us to add several url link...