Search songs through all the players you have

Hi , i have many audio players ..34 ,

can i search for a specific song or word through all these while all take songs from the common library where i did upload ? Then showing the result in a generated list ?

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  • May 24 2021
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    25 May 01:15pm

    Thanks , i think it would be so useful , for example in my glide app i have those 34 players , what if a users want to search for some other ? In this case while it would be hard to link the result in Glide..”simply” the player could update itself there with the songs found then you can make a favorite widget audioplayer ...but still how to differentiate between the many users in my app?...could be just generate a list dynamically there in the iframe and let the people pin for the moment they are on the player or you could generate a token..based on the ip people have in order to let the contents pinned on the device no matter who they are and putting a link in the footer

    of all audioplayers where every users could find a playlisy based in their search or listening ..using their ip...

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    Helga Kirsanova commented
    25 May 01:06pm


    Thanks a lot for adding this idea!

    It does sound reasonable and our dev team will try their best to consider this option for the widget's future updates.

    And please, don't hesitate to share your ideas with us here, your help is greatly appreciated :)

    Thank you!