Review statistics

Add a screen in the backend with the following statistics, based on total and per platform/channel:

  • Total number of reviews

  • Total number of reviews per rating

  • Sentiment analysis

  • Printable (pdf) report for management

Show stats by

  • this week / last week / same week last year

  • this month / last month / same month last year

  • this year / last year / year before

  • JP
  • Jun 15 2021
  • Future consideration
  • Admin
    Helga R commented
    15 Jun, 2021 11:13am

    Yes, I see the issue and I'm truly sorry that our widget is missing this feature.

    I've passed along your request to our dev team and really hope it may speed up the process of releasing this option.

    Thank you for your understanding!

  • JP commented
    15 Jun, 2021 10:07am

    Thanks Helga. The biggest request is the option to display the right review language on multi-lingual websites. That's a show stopper for offering this widget to my clients (I am a webdesigner), who are all in the hospitality industry. Most of them have a website in at least two languages, so being able to show reviews in the right language is a must have.

  • Admin
    Helga R commented
    15 Jun, 2021 09:20am


    Thanks for sharing these ideas!

    They all do sound great and I see how useful it would be to have such data.

    Unfortunately, this is not something we would be able to implement in near future due to the complexity of the realization, my apologies for the inconvenience! However, we'll be happy to take this request under consideration.

    Thank you for your input!